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GeneMind: Paving the Way for Modern Molecular Diagnostics Solutions

DNA sequencers in modern molecular diagnostics empower precise decoding of genetic material for understanding genetic disorders and developing targeted therapies. GeneMind Biosciences, or GeneMind, shines in these technologies and focuses on progressive gene sequencing solutions for accuracy and speed in genetic analysis. It rationalizes diagnostic processes and paves the way for personalized medicine with high-throughput sequencing for all-inclusive genetic profiling. Along these lines, our offerings contribute to the genetic research landscape and patient care.

What is a DNA Sequencer?

A DNA sequencer is an unconventional device to decode the precise order of nucleotides within DNA molecules. Its workflow involves preparing the DNA sample, amplifying it through PCR, and using capillary electrophoresis or next-generation sequencing to read the sequence of bases. Later, the data is analyzed using bioinformatics tools to interpret the genetic information. This process is fundamental for thorough genetic analysis for identifying gene variations and mutations.

Expressively, DNA sequencers have applications spanning numerous scientific and medical fields. In healthcare, they are used in personalized medicine for treatment plans based on an individual’s genetic makeup in cancer therapy. In research, they facilitate genomic studies and our understanding of complex genetic disorders and evolutionary biology. For instance, they played a role in the Human Genome Project and are essential in pathogen genotyping during infectious disease outbreaks. It boosts our response capabilities and disease management methodologies.

GeneMind’s Related Sequencing Solutions

In biotechnology, GeneMind possesses DNA next-generation sequencing test technology and independently developed products. It extricates our company as a groundbreaker in genetic research and innovation. Accordingly, let’s look at some notable sequencing solutions.

1. MrLH-96 Automated Sample Preparation System

GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Sample Preparation System reforms high-throughput sequencing workflows with simplified acid extraction and NGS library preparation. For instance, its 24-plate positioning system with a consumable stacking feature automates the DNA sequencing process. It disregards manual reagent additions. Further, integrating with LIMS through automatic code scanning and software database communication augments data management efficiency.

Notably, our system’s compatibility with the Inheco temperature control module confirms precise thermal regulation for NGS hybridization captures with an accuracy range of 4 to 70°C. This precision is mirrored in its fluid handling capabilities. It can handle volumes from 2 to 200 μl with an accuracy of up to ±1% for delicate laboratory tasks. Additionally, our air purification system guarantees precision in liquid handling for the quality of sequencing results.

2. GenoLab M High-throughput Sequencing Platform 

GeneMind’s GenoLab M High-throughput Sequencing Platform separates itself in genomic research thanks to the innovative SURFseq technique, which allows precise identification of base optical signals through surface amplification. Meaningfully, our platform offers a dual flowcell configuration for better scalability for research demands, with an output range from 37Gb to 300Gb per run. Our system directly integrates DNA template amplification and synthetic sequencing reactions on the flowcell surface. It simplifies the process from library preparation to sequencing.

Moreover, its compatibility with mainstream NGS libraries is key, and users don’t have to develop new sample preparation kits. For instance, in applications like WES or RNA-Seq, researchers can process many samples per run, depending on the application. Besides, our platform’s high-sensitivity fluorescence signal detection system heightens sequencing accuracy. It is necessary for applications demanding high precision, including NIPT or PGT-A. Thus, GenoLab M offers a complete, accurate, and flexible solution for genomic sequencing requirements.

3. FASTASeq 300 High-throughput Sequencing Platform

The GeneMind’s FASTASeq 300 High-throughput Sequencing Platform is a desktop sequencing solution for targeted, whole-genome low-pass sequencing. It offers flexibility through support for two types of flow cells (FCM and FCH) and multiple read lengths for assorted sequencing needs. For example, it can handle applications like NIPT or extensive tumor panel analysis with its capacity to process different sample sizes. It ranges from 5M reads/sample for NIPT using an FCM flowcell to over 96 samples for a small tumor panel using the FCH flowcell.  

Plus, our system claims rapid sequencing capabilities (completing mNGS in 4.5 hours for SE50) for time-sensitive research settings.  Its user-friendly features, like pre-configured cartridges and RFID reader modules, enrich functioning efficiency. Simultaneously, its hardware, including an Intel Xeon Silver 4126 CPU and extensive memory and storage capacities, certify reliable performance. With high-density flow cells and radical sequencing chemistry, the FASTASeq 300 High-throughput Sequencing Platform can deliver high-quality data quickly and precisely for genomic sequencing applications.

4. SURFSeq 5000 High-throughput Sequencing Platform

The SURFSeq 5000 High-throughput Sequencing Platform from GeneMind is a high-throughput sequencing platform for flexibility and precision in genomic research. It features dual flow cells that support five modes per run for broad application in genomic studies, including whole genome sequencing and metagenomic sequencing. For example, its unique reversible base termination and sequencing reaction system, with a high-sensitivity fluorescence signal detection, safeguards high accuracy. It is required for targeted sequencing in cancer research or methylation sequencing in epigenetic studies.

Also, our platform claims an ultra-high sequencing speed. The FCM PE150 mode can complete a run within 24 hours. In addition, the platform’s throughput ranges from 500 million to 2 billion reads per flow cell for small-scale and large-scale studies. For instance, in transcriptome sequencing, this range empowers detailed gene expression analysis in samples from single cells to complex tissues. Last but not least, our instrument’s compatibility with a Windows 10 x64 system and its memory and storage capacity (256GB memory, 2TB SSD, and 17TB HDD) expedite efficient data processing and storage for the vast data in genomic sequencing projects.


GeneMind focuses on DNA sequencing technology with unique features. For instance, our high-sensitivity sequencing optical system uses two-color and four-color optics for ultra-high sensitivity in capturing DNA signals. It resists ambient temperature fluctuations and vibration interference. Likewise, we have a high-fidelity synthetic sequencing chemical system with a unique terminator nucleotide structure and efficient SBS reaction. It is backed by research and production capabilities for high-fidelity polymerase mutants. Finally, our high-density sequencing flowcell offers high-density, low-noise surface chemical modification with customizable surface probes/primers. For further insights into our foundational technologies and DNA sequencing solutions, kindly explore GeneMind‘s official website.

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