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GeneMind Launches New Site in Nanjing to build a business presence in Yangtze River Delta Region

On March, GeneMind and Nanjing Jiangbei New District have reached a strategic partnership. The cooperation mainly focuses on promoting the industrialization and development of high-throughput sequencing technology. The two parties will further explore other possibilities for the cooperation and together bring sequencing industry into the next level.

As an important central city in the eastern region, Nanjing has the advantage of rich scientific and clinical resources and complete infrastructural facility. Extend its business presence into Nanjing, will support the interaction and exchange of the industry chain and the accumulation of talents in the field of DNA sequencing, which will help to promote the improvement and development of the comprehensive competitiveness of GeneMind.

As one of the few sequencing platform manufacturers in the world, the cooperation between two parties will also inject new vitality into Nanjing Jiangbei New Area to enhance the advantages of the sequencing industry and build a more core competitive industrial system, contributing to the local innovation-driven development and regional high-quality development.

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