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FASTASeq300 Sequencing Platform GRAND LAUNCH

On November 28, GeneMind officially launched the third self-developed sequencing system FASTASeq 300. GeneMind showcased the instrument at Medlab Middle East 2023, making its first worldwide debut at booth Z1.B39, and a series of live demonstrations were held at World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE, Feb 6-9.

FASTASeq 300 is a desktop sequencer that focuses on targeted sequencing and whole-genome low-depth sequencing. Its innovative breakthroughs in sequencing chemistry, high-density flowcell, fluid design and base identification algorithms bring users more flexibility, more consistent data quality and faster delivery of high-quality data.

The successful launch of FASTASeq 300 means that GeneMind has become one of the few sequencing system manufacturers in the world with sequencing product portfolio. From the source technology innovation of sequencing, to the realization of the whole process of independent control, to the creation of sequencing product portfolio to meet the needs of scientific research and clinical needs, the development of GeneMind reflects that science and innovation is an essential factor to promote the high-quality development of the industry.

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