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Comparative performance of the GenoLab M and NovaSeq 6000 sequencing platforms for transcriptome and LncRNA analysis

GenoLab M is our most powerful sequencing instrument to-date, we published the first report to compare the transcriptome and LncRNA sequencing data of the GenoLab M sequencer to NovaSeq 6000 platform in various types of analysis. In this study, we generated large transcript and LncRNA datasets from the two sequencing platforms across three model species (human: 4 mRNA, 3 LncRNA; mouse: 3 mRNA, 3 LncRNA; bean: 3 mRNA). The experimental results proved that GenoLab M could obtain equivalent data quality as NovaSeq 6000, in both mRNA and LncRNA level with 7 library preparation kits from 4 companies. This suggests that GenoLab M can be a viable substitute for NovaSeq 6000 in the RNA sequencing. The platform offers a cost-effective alternative to the NovaSeq 6000 platform with similar data quality.

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