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FASTASeq 300* High-throughput Sequencing Platform

FASTASeq 300* is a desktop high-throughput sequencing platform that focuses on targeted sequencing and whole-genome low-pass sequencing. Its innovative breakthroughs in sequencing chemistry, high-density flow cell, fluid design and base identification algorithms bring users more flexibility, more consistent data quality and faster delivery of high-quality data.


*Unless otherwise informed, GeneMind sequencing platform and related sequencing reagents are not available in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Western Europe, Southern Europe, and Nordic countries yet.


-Support two types of flow cells and multiple read lengths

-Multi-time output (MTO)

-Libraries can be loaded on each flow cell lane automatically or manually


-Pre-configured, plug-and-play cartridges

-Support RFID reader module

-Libraries can be directly used for sequencing after preparation


-mNGS (SE50 4.5hrs)

-Targeted sequencing (PE75 11.5hrs)

-Targeted sequencing (PE150 19.5hrs)


Flowcell Flowcell Type Lane Reads Read Length Output Q30 index(0) Sequecing Time(h) index(8+8) Sequecing Time(h)
Single FCM 4 100M SE50 5Gb 85% 4.5 5.5
SE75 7.5Gb 85% 6 7
PE75 15Gb 85% 11.5 13
PE150 30Gb 85% 19.5 21
FCH 4 250M SE50 12.5Gb 85% 5 6.5
SE75 18.5Gb 85% 6.5 8
PE75 37.5Gb 85% 12.5 14
PE150 75Gb 85% 22.5 24
FCX 4 100M PE300 60Gb 85% 45 48
FCL 4 50M SE100-D 5Gb 85% 4.5 5.5


Application  Data requirement FCM Flowcell FCH Flowcell
NIPT Plus >7M unique reads/sample 12 24
PGT-A >3.5M unique reads/sample 12 32
TB-tNGS >2M raw reads/sample 36 96
Small tumor panel (tissue) 0.2Gb/sample >48 >96
Small tumor panel (ctDNA) 5Gb/sample 6 16
Large tumor panel (tissue)5~10Gb/sample 5-10Gb/sample 6 16
tpNGS 0.1M-1M reads/sample >96 >192
mNGS 20M reads/sample 4 12


Dimensions 684mm x 644mm x 615mm
Weight 145kg
Operating Power 2000VA
Power Requirements 100V-240VAC,50/60Hz
Operating Environment Temperature:19℃-25℃ Humidity:20%-80%(non-condensing) Altitude:0-3000m
Instrument Control Computer CPU:Intel XeonSilver4126 Memory:32GB DDR4*6 Solid-state Drive:480GB Hard Drive:2TB Operating System: windows10 x64


Description of Read Header
Parameter Description
<SN> Serial number of the instrument.
<Barcodescore> Numbers 0 to 9 are used to evaluate the sequencing quality value of the index sequence. The higher the value, the better the quality.
<Flowcell ID> The ID of sequence chip.
<Lane> Number of the lane, it can be L00、L01、L02、L03、L04,etc. L00 indicates that all lanes are merged.
<FOV> Coordinate of the FOV.
<X> X-coordinate of the cluster.
<Y> Y-coordinate of the cluster.
<read1/2> Read 1 or Read 2.
<N> Default character.
<0> Default character.
<Index> The sequence of the index, if it is a combination of index1 and index2, it should be concatenated with symbol”+”.
Note:@<SN>:<Barcodescore>:<Flowcell ID>:<Lane>:<FOV>:<X>:<Y> <read1/2>:<N>:<0>:<Index>
The header identifier is represented by the symbol “@”, while the parameter items are differentiated using the symbol “:”.