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MrLH-96 Automated Sample Preparation Syatem

MrLH-96 automated workstation is designed for the efficient automation of high-throughput acid extraction and NGS library preparation and laboratory liquid processing procedure. The specially designed consumable stacking system is able to guarantee full automation with no manpower on site. The Inheco temperature-controlled oscillation accessories not only ensure the stability of the oscillation but also have the accuracy of temperature control within the range of 4~70°C, which perfectly matches the NGS hybridization capture process. The script design system can be used to explore multiple applications and customize the workflow design.

Highly Automated, Less Manpower Needed

24 plates position with plates stack function. No need to add reagents and consumables during the DNA sequencing process, achieving fully automated.

Easy to Connect with LIMS System

Automatically code scanning, pre-set the data in software database to read directly in LIMS system.

Compatible with Inheco Temperature Control Module

Precise temperature control with Inheco PCR instrument and temperature-controlled oscillation Module.

Dimension 1224mm*753mm*1111mm
Loading Capacity 22 Plates
Principle Air replacement
Precision 2μl: <5%
5μl: <2%
50μl: <1%
150μl: <1%


Weight 274kg
Flux 96
Range 2-200 ul
Accuracy 2μl: <±10%
5μl: <±2.5%
50μl: <±1.5%
150μl: <±1%