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Development of Synbiotic Preparations That Restore the Properties of Cattle Feed Affected by Toxin-Forming Micromycetes

Mycotoxins have a negative impact on aquaculture and agriculture, entering plant feed as a result of the processing of postharvest products obtained from fields infected with phytopathogenic fungi. In this study, we are aiming to use probiotic and synbiotic preparations based on Bacillus bacteria to reduce the influence of mycotoxins. In the genomes of the studied bacteria, genes for the synthesis of compounds with antimicrobial and other biologically significant activity were found. Their presence may provide the effects of the drug through an indirect effect, that is, through the modulation of the composition of the rumen microbiota. The results of the study open up prospects for the creation of new synbiotic preparations to fight contamination with mycotoxins.

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