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  July – The single molecule gene sequencing platform GenoCare 1600 has been approved for clinical application by the National Drug Administration (NMPA) of China, becoming the world’s first single molecule gene sequencer approved for clinical diagnosis by NMPA;   November – The newly developed gene sequencing platform FASTASeq 300..Read More

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  June – Approved as the first provincial-level “academician workstation” in the field of gene sequencers in China.   September – Completed a B+round financing of RMB 410 million.   October – The production base of the GenoLab M series high-throughput gene sequencer was officially put into operation, further improving..Read More

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  January-GeneMind Biosciences completed tens of millions of A+ round financing, accelerating the promotion of single-molecule gene sequencing platform applications.   May-GeneMind Biosciences’new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid detection kit based on fluorescent PCR and single-molecule fluorescent sequencing has been successively approved by the European Union CE certification.   September-Completed 140..Read More

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  February-GenoCare 1600 single-molecule sequencer successfully passed the medical device registration test.   August-GenmaiCare 1600 officially launched clinical trials of class III medical devices.   December-GenoCare single-molecule gene sequencer, NIPT, PGT-A test kits and other five products received the EU CE certification.  

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  April-Obtained more than 200 million CNY A round financing jointly participated by several institutions. Start the construction of single molecule gene sequencer and supporting reagent production line, and the application of medical device license.   September – GeneMind Biosciences’ R&D and production base officially settled in Luohu District, with..Read More

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  June-Successfully developed the product prototype of GenoCare single-molecule sequencer.   October-Completed the first domestic preclinical study of NIPT based on single molecule sequencing technology in combination with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine and other units.

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  February – Published a special article on our single molecule sequencing technology in Nature Biotechnology.   April-Successfully developed Genocare alpha prototype, the first engineering prototype of single molecule sequencer.   December-Released the sequencing data of biological samples based on Genocare single- molecule sequencing platform for the first time.

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  January-First time observed the signal of DNA single molecule in the laboratory.   August-First time realized the Concept Prototype of the single molecule sequencer.

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  September – Started research and development of single molecule sequencing technology   

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